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Where will the trip start and end?

Usually at Aberdeen Public Pier on Aberdeen Praya Road. This is in the centre of Aberdeen and easily accessible by bus, taxi and MTR (from February 2017). Other pick up points can be arranged.

How many can the boat take?

Comfortably 9 large adult passengers. The licence permits a maximum of 11 persons so for children or smaller adults it may possible to squeeze in one extra by special arrangement.

We are only [ ] people, will you run a trip for us?

We normally require 4 passengers to make a trip viable. If you are less than 4 please contact us – we may be able to combine you with another group or make a special arrangement.

How old do you have to be?

You need to be around 135cm tall to be able to sit safely on the jockey seats and hold on tightly. Again please contact us if you want to bring younger children – this can be done safely but will effect the route and the nature of the trip.

How do I pay?

We’ll give you payment arrangements by email once the details of your trip are confirmed. Paypal or HSBC bank transfer are preferred.

Where will we go?

This is largely up to you (and the conditions). See “The Trips” section of our website for the possibilities.

What if I fancy a different trip?

Anything is possible – please ask us

What should I wear?

In short: appropriate clothes for a sight-seeing walk on the land on the day of your trip. Bring a warmer layer – it is usually a few degrees colder on the sea than the land and we’ll be moving quite fast so there will be a wind-chill effect. Cover up to avoid sunburn. If it is cold or wet we can provide waterproof and windproof jackets.  Trainers are much more sensible on a boat than stiletto heels. Hats are a good idea but if you bring one make sure it has a strap – they tend to blow off!


What if the weather is bad when my trip is scheduled?

Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable – especially in the summer. RIB riding in the rain is no fun. As a result, if rain is likely we will consult with you about postponing or cancelling your trip (with a full refund of course). However, our experience is that some of the best days on the water happen when the forecast a few days before looks awful so we usually like to leave the final decision to just a few hours before the trip.

Safety and comfort

Is it safe?

Yes, extremely safe. RIBs are the most seaworthy boats – unsinkable and uncapsizable. You’ll be wearing a life jacket for the whole of your trip. Although it might feel exciting at points, the most dangerous part of your trip will probably be walking down the steps to board the boat!

Do I need to be fit/strong to ride in a RIB?

If you are fit and healthy enough to get yourself around Hong Kong on public transport then you are probably fine for RIB riding. You need to be able to step down into the boat from concrete steps, hold on tight and brace yourself for some moderate bumping and jolting (some thing similar to a fast ride in a Hong Kong taxi, not as severe as a rollercoaster).

I have a heart problem, bad back or other medical condition, can I take the trip?

We certainly wouldn’t recommend the trip to those with acute back or other conditions or those who can’t cope with too much excitement. You must be able to hold on tight and brace yourself for some moderate bumping and jolting (some thing similar to a fast ride in a Hong Kong taxi, not as severe as a rollercoaster)

I am pregnant. Can I take a RIB ride?

See above – the potential moderate bumping and jolting mean you should not take a RIB ride if you are pregnant.

Do I need to wear a lifejacket?

Absolutely. You will be provided with the latest lightweight, comfortable self-inflating life jacket.

Will I get wet?

RIB rides are generally dry (the hull and tubes are designed to deflect the spray away from the passengers). Sometimes, wind and sea conditions might mean you get some light splashes but you are unlikely to get soaked. Of course, if we are unlucky enough to be caught in the rain you will get wet – but see our weather policy above.

I’m worried about seasickness?

Most people (even those that suffer from sea-sickness often) do not get sea sick in RIBs. The motion is very different from other types of boat. That being said, everyone is different so the only way to find out is try …

What if I need the toilet?

Of course there are no toilet facilities on the boat so please use other facilities before you board.

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