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Your trip with ZOOM RIBS LIMITED will be governed by the terms and conditions (T&Cs) set out below. Hong Kong law requires us to enter into a written charter agreement (the “contract”) with you so you will be asked to sign a short document when you board (or prior to boarding by email). These T&C’s will be incorporated by reference into that document.


In these terms and conditions the term “company” refers to “ZOOM RIBS LIMITED”, including staff our or any other sub-contracted person or person representing us.
The term “client” refers to the person whose name the booking was made in and who shall sign the contract.
The term “passenger” refers to those persons in the party of the client.
The term “booking” refers to any event or work conducted by the company on behalf of its clients
The term “trip” refers to any booked voyage, journey or on-water activity arranged for the client.


1.1 If, through circumstances beyond its control (including, but not limited to, weather which is in the opinion of the company unsuitable for a trip, see below), the company is unable to meet any booking, the client may be offered another booking at the company’s discretion.

1.2 If the company is unable to offer the client an alternative booking, or the client is unable to accept another booking, the company will refund the fees paid (less any PayPal or other transfer costs which shall be born by the client). The company’s liability is limited to this and does not extend to any other expenses.

1.3 The company reserves the right to cancel or amend any booking for safety, weather or other reasons.  The company’s decision is final.


2.1 If a Typhoon Signal 3 or above is issued 1 hour prior to the scheduled trip departure, the trip will be cancelled and the client offered an alternative trip time / date. If a Typhoon Signal 3 is raised during a trip, the trip and passengers will immediately return to Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.

2.2 Trips will not take place if an Amber, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force 1 hour prior to departure. As rainstorms are often short-lived, the trip may be delayed, if this is not possible the client will be offered an alternative trip time / date

2.3 Trips will still go ahead if the Thunderstorm Warning is in force, but of course trips will be curtailed or delayed if a thunderstorm is taking place in the local area.

2.4 Under high-wind conditions, including if the Monsoon Warning has been issued, trips will still go ahead but the itinerary may be amended at the absolute discretion of the Captain.


3.1 A client’s booking is only confirmed when we receive the full fee due from the client in respect of all passengers in his/her party.

3.2 Full payment for all bookings is required prior to boarding the vessel. Payments must be made by direct bank transfer or PayPal (payment details will be provided in advance of your booking confirmation).

3.3 Inappropriate or malicious operation of the life jacket’s manual firing mechanism will be subject to a $500 servicing fee.

Cancellation Policy

4.1 Cancellations for any booking must be made in writing by email or SMS to the company, stating the reason for cancellation.

4.2 Cancellation of bookings 5 working days or more before the booking date will receive a refund of any monies paid.

4.3 Cancellations of bookings 5 working days or less before the booking date will forfeit the total booking fee.

4.4 The company shall not accept liability for any other claims and shall not be liable at any time for claims or expenses caused by circumstances beyond its control including sickness, accident, mechanical failure, weather, travel delays, strikes, war or civil unrest.


5.1 The company accepts no liability for theft, loss or damage for clients clothing, equipment and personal property howsoever caused.

4.2 The client/passenger acknowledges that there are inherent dangers involved in RIB rides and understands that by entering into a booking contract with us (and thereby accepting these T&Cs) the client/passenger agrees to waive/hold the company free of any liability in the event of an accident, death, injury or damage to person or property (other than any such harm resulting from the company’s negligence).


6.1 All passengers must meet the minimum height requirement of 1.35m.

6.2 All passengers, without exception, must be coherent, and have the ability to hold onto the handholds independently at all times during the trip.

6.3 Any passenger under the influence, or who appears to be under the influence, of intoxicating substances, will not be permitted to board the vessel.

6.4 Any passenger with a pre-existing medical condition must inform the captain before boarding. Persons with pre-existing injuries such as back, neck, breathing or heart conditions and pregnancy are not permitted to take a ZOOM RIB ride. The captain’s decision on whether you are able to participate is final.

6.5. By signing the contract form clients/passengers accept all of the above terms and conditions.

Photographs and Social Media Use

7.1 By signing the contract the client accepts (on behalf of him/herself and the other passengers) that we may use photos and video footage taken of the client and other passengers for advertising purposes and/or on social media.

7.2 If the client does not wish us to use any such images for these purposes then please inform us.

E-mail: Phone: (852) 9133 2259 (Whats App)
Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong